¡Bienvenido a Rosarito! Thank you for choosing Rosarito as your favorite spot for visiting, playing or enjoying your permanent stay. Did you know that there are around 15,000 foreign residents currently living in Rosarito? We have a very large international community in this border beach town. So now that you have decided to come visit us, let´s go over some important facts that you should know about before coming here.

1. If you are planning to live here, apply for temporary or permanent residency. (Click on “Immigration Guidance” under the Services section to look at the process of applying for a resident visa).

2. If you are an American citizen or resident, subscribe to the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to notify the U.S. government of your stay in Mexico. (Click here to subscribe to STEP:

3. Get a Mexican car insurance that covers you from injuries or damages caused to third parties.

4. If you’re planning to rent a place, make sure you understand every clause of the lease before signing it. Translate it if necessary. (Hiring an attorney would be a great idea.)

5. Learn some basic phrases in Spanish or take classes. (Click on the Services Section to know the details for the Free Spanish Classes we provide at FRAO.)

6. Join the Facebook Group “Rosarito Living” to get advice from the expat community in Rosarito about everyday situations living in Rosarito.