Rosarito City Government Offices

*To call any department within City Hall dial: 661 614 96 00 followed by the extension number.

Recaudación de Rentas Municipales (Tax Collector Office) Ext. 1011, Room #101

The Tax Collector Office is in charge of collecting property taxes (Predial) from people who own property in Rosarito.

Oficina de Atención a Residentes Extranjeros (Foreign Residents Attention Office, FRAO) Ext. 1080, Room #108

The Foreign Residents Attention Office is a government office that acts as a liaison between foreign residents and City Hall Departments. Its goal is to assist foreign residents with interpretation from Spanish to English in the different city government offices and in some cases state government offices (District Attorney’s Office, DMV, etc.) to help them get their requests through and their petitions attended. In addition to assisting foreign residents with interpretation in the various departments, it is also an office that works every day to engage foreign residents in the Rosarito community. Should you need interpretation at any City Government Office you can always contact the Foreign Residents Attention Office (FRAO) and ask for interpretation by previous appointment. Email:; Ext. 1080.


Registro Civil (Civil Registry) Ext. 1052, 1053, Room #113

The Registry Office is in charge of the expedition or modification of birth, death and adoption certificates as well as marriage licenses in the city of Rosarito. It is also the office responsible for providing the Certificate of Naturalization for foreigners who comply with the requirements and wish to become Mexican citizens.

Dirección de Servicios Urbanos (Department of Urban Services) Ext. 2070, Room # 210

This office is in charge of receiving petitions for street maintenance, light pole repairs, domestic and bulky waste collection, as well as public parks and garden maintenance.

Sindicatura Ciudadana (Citizen Internal Affairs Office) Ext. 3012 & 3071, Room #310

The Citizen Internal Affairs Office is in charge of receiving complaints from residents and tourists in Rosarito against city government officials including police officers who give improper treatment to the public. These petitions are then turned over to the Municipal Internal Affairs Office (Sindicatura Municipal) in order to start the proper investigations.

Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Migration Institute) Ph. 661 612 7262, Room #312

The National Migration Institute is a federal office in charge of the expedition of permanent or temporary resident cards after a person has started the process at the Mexican Consulate. *There are some cases in which you can apply for residency directly at this office, for example, if you are married to a Mexican citizen, married to a temporary or permanent resident in Mexico, have Mexican children or children with legal residency in Mexico.

Jurídico (Legal Department) Ext. 3052, 3077, Room #318 Email:

The Legal Department is responsible for providing legal orientation to residents in Rosarito by previous appointment. This office has a Conciliatory Officer who is in charge of mediating between residents and Home Owner Associations (HOA´s) in Rosarito.